Art photographer David Drebin has just published another master piece – The Morning After. “Sometimes you get the picture right away”, he explains in an interview with New York Daily News. “It’s like meeting somone. Sometimes you like someone right away. Other times it takes a while to get to know them, and it takes a while to get to like them. It’s the same with photography. Sometimes you get the photograph right away. And sometimes you’ve got to build up to get it.”

Pictures, like life, is never about the picture you see – it’s about the picture you don’t see…That’s what makes an interesting photograph and that’s what makes life interesting – a person is always more interesting when they’re mysterious as opposed to when they give everything away. We want to be challenged, in life, in art, in coaching – challenged to understand what’s under the surface, scratch to find out more – not just be “spoon fed” but to take an “active” part in finding out more.

A photography and life needs an interpretator – YOU are the interpretator when looking at a piece of art and together, you and me as your Life Coach, are interpretators of Life and what makes you take actions to reach your goals.