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Some parents understand what a teenager is supposed to be doing with her life. Some parents have a hard time understanding. Many are somewhere in between. But only the teenager herself knows that growing up is all a chain of events and that each phase she is going through depends on the earlier stages being properly fullfilled. It also means that “I can only do these things well if I know that no matter what happens, you’ll [parents] be there for me when I come back.” Wise parents know this and fortunate teenagers feel this unequivocally from their families. The search for an identity is about courage and faith to leap into what you expect to be shallow waters but end up being the deep ocean. The searching is full of surprises, painful at times, exhilarating, exciting and scary at the same time. But knowing your core values, knowing what’s right and wrong, using your judgement and intuition to overcome obstacles and hardship will, after a few years of systematic searching, make you realize that you’ve embraced your life for all it’s worth – as your own. It scares parents at times, and it scares you, the teenager, at times. Have a dream – our dreams come out of our personal experiences, which are unique and valuable regardless of what anyone tells you.

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March 2011
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