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Goal setting is one of the most important key concepts in life and in life coaching. Beliefs about what you can and cannot achieve are formed early and before you reach your teens, most of you have settled on certain goals and given up on others. It doesn’t have to be like that. It’s important to break down your ambitions and dreams into achievable “step-by-step” goals and align your behavior with your goals. If you set yourself up for success you will succeed – if you set yourself up for failure by letting yourself down, feeling a hopelessness and give up rather than revisiting and resetting your goals, you will fail. Build a hopeful attitude, use the concept of “Smart” goal setting, and make sure you back up your goal setting by setting you up for success – attend school, say no to drugs, get in shape physically and have a positive frame of mind by breaking down your goals in smaller steps, write down the skills you’ll have to learn, name strategies and resources you need to use such as more homework time and track your progress. That’s what setting you up for success is about. Same strategy for teens as for adults, same strategy in your career, personal development, well being and relationship. Read this article in WSJ for more and visit my web site for more information what you can do today to get the help you need to set your goals!

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