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“No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.” Don Swartz

So, I’m back after a couple of days off. Not on vacation. Just of track. And off-line.Yes, it happen to all of us. And what happens when you do? You hang on to what’s really important to you. You use your attitude, values and interests to find your way back. To find your way back to the path you’ve decided to walk on. A helping hand is always welcome – someone who is willing to listen, someone who cares, someone who can point out the reasons why you want to walk the path you’ve chosen and not stay off track for any long period of time.
Yes, coaches needs coaches – after all we are human like you (surprise!). Why is caring so important…Why should I care about others…It’s simple – when you care about others it shows that you are able to be. And when you care about being, such as being with other human beings, you show compassion and by showing compassion you are able to love. The simple truth is that you have to love yourself before you can love someone else, that you need to show compassion and care about yourself before caring for others. Take a look at yourself in the mirror. Do you like what you see? Can you honestly say you love, care and feel compassion for the person you see in the mirror. If you do (and you should!) then you have the gift of caring for others as well. Sharing the love, compassion and care that we all need and that we from time to time feel left out of. That’s when a friend, coach, loved one is there to support, and remind you about what made you walk on the path you chosen in the first place, and to reach out that helping hand that cares about your well-being and that cares about you finding your way back on your Roadmap to Success ūüôā

“Kindness is never wasted. If it has no effect on the recipient, at least it benefits the bestower.” – S.H. Simmons

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