I’ve been away for a while…distracted from MY goals, my values compromised and rather than action, inactivity…That’s what happens when you steer away from your goals, your values.

If our values represent our highest priorities, doesn’t it make absolute sense that our goals and dreams are rooted in our values? Yet how often do we pursue things, jobs, careers, relationships, even possessions, and when we achieve what we think we desired, we feel let down, somehow dissatisfied and disappointed?
Our values are our internal blueprint for sucesss. They make us who we are and they are intrinsically linked with our attitudes and selfregard. 22 percent of people who join a gym in January have thrown in the towel after 24 weeks. A further 20 percent will disappear before December. Why? Because we are either doing it for the wrong reason, or we don’t know why we’re doing it.

If your goals don’t reflect your values, it will be hard work to stick to them. So make sure you know you HAVE values (because all of us do) and make sure you know WHAT they are! Then set your goals based on your values and action will follow. You will stay focused and motivated, reaching your goals because you ACT – we always do when your goals are aligned with your values:). Need help identifying your values? Visit my web site for more about my 5-step values based coaching process.