Lots have been said by a lot of people over the years about relationships. There are as many opinions about what a good relationship is and what makes it work as there are fishes in the ocean 🙂

One thing they all agree upon is that beginning a relationship is easy – sticking to it and making it work over time takes a lot more effort. The relationship edge…are you on it, in it, or over it?

The edges we are talking about are edges, or levels, past which you will not go: tolerance levels, social levels, philosophical levels, and business levels. If someone tries to go past your edge, your tolerance level, you, in som manner, rebuff or deny them. Maybe even dismiss them.
Your compatibility for and with the other person’s edges, combined with your acceptance of the other person’s edges, will determine how the relationship grows or dies.

There are also ethical edges, like your acceptance level for lying, hiding the truth or abusing the trust you placed in the person. Let’s discuss trust for a second – Trust is not a request. Trust is earned. Trust is not spoken. Trust is a feeling.

And then there are emotional edges – how someone reacts when something goes wrong, or how someone responds to an argument and how you feel about their reaction.

You can tolerate almost anything for a short space of time. But each time someone goes over your edge, you become less and less tolerant, either verbally or silently.

TRUST is THE critical element. It’s the glue that binds all the other elements together. Without it, the relationship will fade, diminish, or die.

So, in order to stay succesful in a relationship, personal or business, to make it possible for a relationship of trust to blossom, you must master the following elements of trust:

* Tell the truth
* Deliver what you promise
* Do what you say you will do
* Communicate in a timely manner
* Bring value beyond what you have to do – help others be more succesful
* Be sincere
* Be appreciative
* Be grateful
* Be consistent
* Give trust to others

Easy? No. But consistently trying, working on mastering the elements of trust and be compatible for and with the other persons’s edges, will determine how succesful you are 🙂

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