Electronic Dance Music

Electronic Dance Music

It’s not WHAT we do, or HOW we do it…it is WHY we do it that matters. Electronic Dance Music is defined as “music being produced with the intention of it being heard in the context of a continuous DJ set; progressing from one to the next via a synchronized segue or mix” . EDM is all about WHY – there are few rules about WHAT is mixed or HOW it is being mixed or danced, or even if there are it’s not the reason why the audience like it – it is all about WHY it is being followed by so many, WHY it is such a movement among young people of all backgrounds and WHY the creators of the Electronic Dance Music has been so successful marketing the concept.

And the answer lies in the acronym itself – EDM – Emotional, Direct & Motivational. It’s music that inspire the audience to dance, have fun, party, be happy and get together.

When I coach I stress the importance of a person’s interests, attitudes and values (the WHY behind the actions we take) and there’s a clear reason for WHY Electronic Dance Music has become such a movement – it’s music that hit the cord of young people – and old as well – who are open to the idea that throughout life we do things, not because we were told WHAT or HOW to do things but because we were told, or even better experienced, WHY we do them…

In marketing, the most successful companies are the ones who do not emphasize WHAT they do, HOW they do it but WHY they provide a service or product…the EDM of marketing – the Emotional, Direct and Motivational connection they make with their audience, their buyers. Same emotional, direct and motivational connection, Electronic Dance Music makes with its audience. And the same reason why we, in general, like to do things, live our lives and share our experiences with others with similar interests, attitudes and values – and to experience the emotional, direct and motivational thrill of being.