It’s been said that in order to feel fulfilled you should focus on one or two small things to accomplish each day. In my coaching I talk about identifying short-and long-term goals, aligned with your interests, attitudes and values – your true purpose and priorities – bringing you – on the road map of life – closer to your final destination.

Life doesn’t have to be something that just “happens” to you. You have more of a say in your future than you might imagine. Of the ones I’ve coached, many, who feel they didn’t  wind up “where they wanted to be” had only the vaguest idea of where that place was. They were somehow without direction but admitted to have no focus to begin with. In other words, they were lost from the very beginning, because they didn’t have the life road map – never drew one, never took the time to write down the short-and long-term goals, their direction.

Lars: five years from now and the journey to get there starts now and it starts with me finding out a) what’s important to me about success [The Values Staircase, a ThinkLars trademark] and b) how “balanced” is my wheel of life [The Wheel of Life, a Meyer Resource Inc. trademark]. It’s about my values – the guidelines I’ll bring with me on my journey and the fuel I need to succeed. What is it I need to accomplish, to satisfy, and how do I find the most rewarding road on the road map of life? The more balanced my “wheels” are the smoother the ride, the faster I can travel (if I so choose to), or the more I’ll enjoy the ride! There are eight spokes on the wheel that, together, and if balanced, will make the wheel roll with fewer bumps and lessen the risk of “deflation”.

1. Professional, 2. Routine, 3. Love, 4. Family, 5. Personal, 6. Self-Development, 7.Wellness and 8. Social

Last time I “defined” Professional and Routine. Today I’m talking about Love – entails romantic relationships, single hood, marriage, divorce, fidelity, sex, trust, time together, love, respect, communication, and everything else related to romance…Sounds like I’m trying to “squeeze in” everything but isn’t that what love really is…a blend of everything in life that, if present, feed the other eight spokes…; Family –  an area that concerns your parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents, children, spouse, education, and more. Personal – this one is about your interests, culture, sport, film, literature, well-being, beauty, appearance, rest, relaxation, and even creativity (painting, design, theater, poems, art and decoration, and more). Recreational activities fulfill your personal interests and passions. By pursuing a hobby or a job that fulfills your personal interest and passions, you will find more balance in life. Self-Development – an ongoing process that you must take in order to know and improve yourself. Involves your intellectual life, learning, understanding, memory, analyzing, reflecting, and even beliefs, religion, opinions, ideologies, spiritual growth, and everything concerning personal development, such as self-confidence, self-esteem, and more. Wellness – examples of this is sleep, eating habits, responsibility for your health, symptoms, relation to medication and doctors, and more. One only remembers to take care of one’s health in the instance of sickness, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle should be a daily concern/task. Social – evolves around your friends and acquaintances. People are social beings by design and by necessity, which is why companionship is essential in the definition of a balanced life…

You need to look at each one of the eight spokes and how they are all graded/satisfied/taken care of at the present moment. I think you get the grasp of how the Wheel of Life exercise works. The more balanced the 8 spokes are,  the better prepared I am for the road ahead.

Next time you’ll get a glimpse into MY eight spokes, and what I may have to change/do to achieve a more balanced life and to prepare myself for where I want to be five years from now… 🙂

Lars: five years from now and the journey to get there is going to be a ride you don’t want to miss, so decide to follow me and my blog, pick up some key ideas for yourself along the way. And if you decide you need someone by your side who will focus entirely on you, and who will help and support you in getting what you really want, to define, set, and track your own goals – then I’ll be your Coach throughout your journey. Feel free to send me your comments (using the form below) but make sure you sign up and follow me over the next five years!! This is going to be one heck of a journey and you will have front row seats to my life-planning book that I write myself – Lars: five years from now. Actually, it’s so much more than planning. It’s about finding out more about me, self-discovery, getting to know and trust the only person who is responsible for my own happiness. And you will all have front row seats to My Journey! I’m hoping to inspire you to set sail on your own journey and if so, I’ll be there to help, support and track your progress.

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