My three goals for three of my eight spokes. In my previous postings I told you about the importance of the eight spokes and how balanced (or not) they are. The three I’m personally going to work on are Professional, Routine and Self-Development. When setting goals for yourself it’s important to align them with your interests, attitudes and values – your true purpose and priorities – and to bring you – on the road map of life – closer to your final destination. In my coaching practice I offer my assessment Managing for Success – Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values – an assessment I obviously took myself 🙂 So, when setting my goals I go back to what’s important to me, and what makes me “take action”. Because we humans only do things (at least with enthusiasm…) when we think it’s important…and in line with our beliefs and understanding of the things we are asked to do…Based on my assessment, for example, my personal strengths are i) building  good relationships, ii) be service-oriented, iii) to creatively solve problems, iv) being people-oriented, v) having an optimistic and enthusiastic view on life, vi) being a dependable team player and vii) being both patient and empathetic.

Sounds like the perfect storm!? 🙂

Well, I found the description very accurate and useful when setting my goals for the three spokes I’m working on getting more in line (balanced) with the other 5 spokes of the Wheel of Life.

So for example in my Professional  life (or “spoke”) my ideal environment, based on my personal strengths and preferences, is one where I get assignments with a high degree of people contacts, with a minimum of conflict between people but in a stable and somewhat predictable environment in which I may deal with people on a personal, intimate basis, with a democratic supervisor with whom I can associate and where I may thrive with freedom from control and detail.

Hmm, sounds like an environment in where I, as an entrepreneur but within a framework (franchise?) may sell services/products to people who actually are looking for advice, help and the service/product I promote…Well, my Life/Performance Coaching I do seems to fit that description fairly well but another business that may fit the glove, is Real Estate, on the buyers side, helping and assisting prospective buyers of a home to find the right place for them at the right price…Again, realizing that with a Real Estate Sales Agent license already in place I could certainly pursue that avenue as well, without compromising my passion and interest for Life/Performance Coaching.

So, one of my goals going forward in 2014 is to “activate” my Real Estate Sales Person license and to become a Buyers Agent, helping people to find their first home, second, retirement or the house of their dreams, providing them with the best possible alternatives and advice based on their preferences, budget and timing. 🙂

Stay tuned for more information and for my Routine and Self-Development  goals to better balance my eight Wheel of Life “spokes” going into 2014 and beyond. 🙂

Life doesn’t have to be something that just “happens” to you. You have more of a say in your future than you might imagine. Of the ones I’ve coached, many, who feel they didn’t  wind up “where they wanted to be” had only the vaguest idea of where that place was. They were somehow without direction but admitted to have no focus to begin with. In other words, they were lost from the very beginning, because they didn’t have the life road map – never drew one, never took the time to write down the short-and long-term goals, their direction.

Lars: five years from now and the journey to get there starts now and it starts with me finding out a) what’s important to me about success [The Values Staircase, a ThinkLars trademark] and b) how “balanced” my wheel of life is [The Wheel of Life, a Meyer Resource Inc. trademark]. It’s about my values – the guidelines I’ll bring with me on my journey and the fuel I need to succeed. What is it I need to accomplish, to satisfy, and how do I find the most rewarding road on the road map of life? The more balanced my “wheels” are the smoother the ride, the faster I can travel (if I so choose to), or the more I’ll enjoy the ride! There are eight spokes on the wheel that, together, and if balanced, will make the wheel roll with fewer bumps and lessen the risk of “deflation”.

The eight spokes; 1. Professional, 2. Routine, 3. Love, 4. Family, 5. Personal, 6. Self-Development, 7.Wellness and 8. Social

My eight spokes are fairly balanced according to the Wheel of Life “rating” of my current life situation. The result says that I’m very satisfied with my life as it is. I recognize that there can be some things that can be improved, but I do not let those interfere with my perspective. The ones that can be improved in order to Balance my Life are the Professional, Routine, and Self-Development spokes.

1. Professional – Many people believe that having wealth and a prominent and respectable career is a surefire way to happiness and satisfaction. These types of people tend to adopt a HAVE-DO-BE attitude. The risk with this kind of thinking is that they rely on acquiring an external source or tangible material to attain satisfaction. They start by wanting to HAVE. What happens when the external source or material is gone? The the satisfaction is gone too.

The way to resolve this it to attain satisfaction that comes from within, which is demonstrated by the BE-DO-HAVE model. You must first BE who you really are, and then you DO the actions that are in line with your personality to HAVE satisfaction that emanates from the inside-out. The starting point here is to BE what you are, according to what you want and expect for yourself. That is why the first step to achieving true satisfaction and happiness in your job and career is for you to take a close look at your personality. From that point, you can determine the jobs and careers that are best suited to your personality, your strengths, talents and interests.

You need to look at each one of the eight spokes and how they are all graded/satisfied/taken care of at the present moment. I think you get the grasp of how the Wheel of Life exercise works. The more balanced the 8 spokes are,  the better prepared I am for the road ahead.

Lars: five years from now and the journey to get there is going to be a ride you don’t want to miss, so decide to follow me and my blog, pick up some key ideas for yourself along the way. And if you decide you need someone by your side who will focus entirely on you, and who will help and support you in getting what you really want, to define, set, and track your own goals – then I’ll be your Coach throughout your journey. Feel free to send me your comments (using the form below) but make sure you sign up and follow me over the next five years!! This is going to be one heck of a journey and you will have front row seats to my life-planning book that I write myself – Lars: five years from now. Actually, it’s so much more than planning. It’s about finding out more about me, self-discovery, getting to know and trust the only person who is responsible for my own happiness. And you will all have front row seats to My Journey! I’m hoping to inspire you to set sail on your own journey and if so, I’ll be there to help, support and track your progress.

Curious?  Get in touch with me for your own, no-cost, initial consultation. I promise you it will take no more than 15 minutes of your time and you will leave with a better understanding of what is important to you, what you value and what the key checkpoints on your journey will be! 🙂