Why do some couples seem so head-over-heels? It’s not that their lives are any easier or more perfect than yours – but they do know how to keep the daily grind from eroding their relationship. Get some of what they have by incorporating the following happy-couple strategies into your love life. Every week for the next 12 weeks you’ll get a new Smart Strategy to use 🙂

Image12. Prepare for check-outs.

Even in the closest marriage, everyone needs time alone. Don’t take it personally and don’t make each other feel guilty if you need to spiritually and emotionally regroup. Just be sure to tell each other when you are checking out (max, one day) — and when you’re checking back in.

I hope these last 12 weeks (and with a 6 weeks break between my 11th and final 12th strategy posting…oops… :)) have taught you one or two things about staying happy in your relationship or relationships down the road 🙂