Are we prisoners of our own expectations?

Are we so occupied by adding new “things” in our lives, lose weight, improve our self, strenghten our relationships, find a new partner, become “succesful”, make more money, spend more money…that we lose sight of what really matters?

Or do we chose to be in the moment and to deal with each transition/change as it happens,  without feeling we have to be acknowledged by anyone for what we have, but rather for who we are?

To look inside…do soul searching…rather than focusing our efforts on “improving” our outside – looks, things, “status” measured in money and what others see and thinks.

Isn’t it how we act, what we do for ourselves AND others, that should determine our success? So look inward – do soul searching. Be in the moment. Be mindful. And stop fearing you will “fail” life. Fear not. LIVE!

The Angel in The Room

There’s an angel in my room,

She has her home above my head.

She keeps my calm

And she whispers to me everything I say.

There’s another me inside and

she has the most beautiful soul.

She is love and hope,

and she tells you

how much I care.

There is a spirit, just like a silent wind

touching my skin.

It tickles me

and you smile,

when my angel whispers

she wants you to come,

to feel, to love.

I am here

with everything that makes me whole.

I am here

and I hope,

I hope you are strong,

and that it is her,

the angel in the room,

that you see

when you look…

at me.

[interpretation of Eva Dahlgren’s Ängeln i rummet]