Are you paying attention to one area of life at the expense of another area? Is the reason the full and busy life you are leading? Is that making it difficult to readjust? Would you be comfortable dealing with the interplay between the feelings, thoughts and actions necessary to create a sense of purpose and to help you feel motivated and inspired to change? Wouldn’t it be so much easier, less stressful and more fun to do if you had someone focus entirely on you – to help you get what you really want?

There is a way!

The six levels (“The Logical Levels Pyramid”) where change may need to happen in order to get back into a life of alignment are:

  • The environment in which you operate.
  • Your behaviour.
  • Your skills, capabilities and talents.
  • Your beliefs and values.
  • Your sense of role or identity.
  • Your sense of purpose of connection.

I can help you focus, identify your goals, track you progress, keep you on track, and stay motivated along the way.


I provide you with Solution-Focused tools for your personal development, performance or leadership – applying them to your personal and professional aims – using Skype video calls, phone calls, emails, and for your convenience, on-line DailyBitsofChange™ 24/7 coaching platform (coming soon).

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