Here’s what others say about CoachLars:

“I can strongly recommend Lars because of his professional way of working. I have been using some of his assessment tools and with the tools you will see yourself, your work, and your opportunities in a whole new way. The reports, together with the individual feedback make the tools very reliable.”

Top qualities: Great Result, Expert, High Integrity
Ingrid Wennberg


“What we all want is more free time – time to do the things that really matter, the things that we were created to do. Each of us has an important mission in life but when we live our lives on “damage control” mode, we are out of touch with ourselves and with our mission. For years I had been trying to carve out time to work on the “important things” but I just didn’t know how and, because I didn’t accomplish them, I felt like I was failing all the time. I tried different systems to help me get organized with my time – they looked great on paper but never worked in practice. So I kept looking and that’s when I met Lars. Lars has a systematic approach to helping people – he helps you understand yourself and find your purpose. Only after you understand yourself and your core values will you become in tune with your role in life. Then it’s a matter of setting your priorities, setting up your schedule around them and following it.

Lars patiently guided me through a comprehensive process of self discovery through which I gained deep insight into my interests and values. I learned things about myself that I wasn’t even aware of, such as self-perception vs. others’ perception and my style of dealing with problems. My real motivators were also clearly revealed – what really makes me tick and what I’m passionate about. Lars helped me set up my schedule around my priorities. He also supports my efforts to stick with it through our weekly sessions. I now make sure my priorities receive their due time in my busy schedule and I’m much happier because of this. By aligning my actions with my core values, I’m more balanced. When my mind was cluttered with haunting thoughts of all the things I didn’t do, I couldn’t possibly be at peace.

We also worked on the work environment insights assessment that has been an incredible source of information. Based on my answeres to a few questions, I received an in depth analysis of how I am in the workplace. Among other things, the comprehensive report discusses in detail my strengths, my communication style in the workplace and how I can improve my weaker aspects. The report even provides analysis of job categories that best fit my personality, work style and interests. It also illustrates many concepts with graphic representations. The report lists several positive aspects of my professional persona that I wasn’t fully aware of. It is definitely a great reference and powerful selling tool to use during an interview or to consult when considering a career change.

In addition to providing a full-blow personal assessment and a system for self-fulfillment, Lars has also been instrumental in helping us obtain a clear picture of where we stand financially. We now have a better understanding of where we stand and what our different options are for protecting our family and our wealth.

Top qualities: “I wholeheartedly recommend Lars!” – Eliana Chinn


Throughout the assessment process, Lars encourages a constructive dialogue in order to pinpoint hidden strengths and unrecognized skills. He takes the time to listen carefully to his client’s concerns and raises relevant questions to jump start your thinking about your goals and choices. Lars is very approachable and professional. As your coach, Lars works diligently to help his clients forge new paths towards personal and professional success.

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
Grant Galimi


What an eye-opening and inspiring experience! After taking the assessments and discussing the results and my action plan with Lars I feel like I am on the right path. The process taught me things about myself and the ways I communicate that will help me take the next step and improve in areas that need work. I have gained a better understanding of how I deal with other people in my life, whether it is work related or personal relationships. Based on that I now have a starting point in my goal to be a better wife, parent, and professional graphic designer. Lars is easy to work with and an excellent listener. He quickly picked up on what kind of person I am and asked the right questions to make me realize things about myself I never thought about. I would highly recommend Lars to friends and colleagues.

His services would be a valuable asset in a corporate setting.

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
Nina Randone