Who are you?

A project is “…an endeavor undertaken by a group of people that creates a unique output, over time.”

A project’s “reason for being” is a problem or a need, identified by a project sponsor, who is held accountable, and with a project team in place that completes the tasks of the initiative under the direction of a Project Manager (PM).

A project is a special effort, separated from the on-going activities of an organization, with resources that are either 100% dedicated to the project, or share time with other duties. The duration of the project can be short or long, but the end signifies that the project is closed, and no further work can be completed on behalf of the project. It produces a unique outcome – something exists that was not there before the initiative was undertaken.

As your Project Management Lite Leader I work with you to identify needs and problems, in a temporary assignment offering an objective view, with a defined beginning and end in time, and therefore defined scope and resources. I lead the project team, who completes the tasks.

I listen, analyze, recommend, specify change, test, document, train – I am Solution-Focused. I make it work!

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[The services of other institutions or professionals will be used if appropriate to your outcomes.]