Who are you?


A team is “…an endeavor undertaken by a group of people that creates a unique output, over time.”

A team’s “reason for being” is a problem or a need, identified by a team sponsor, who is held accountable, and with a team in place that completes the tasks.

I believe that everyone can work together.

We do that by not changing each other but by understanding each other.

What is it worth to you to gain a better understanding of your own Values and Behavioral Style and how they affect you?



Performance is based on:

  • The Context of Awareness and Responsibility
  • The GROW sequence

Awareness is knowing what is happening around you. Self-awareness is knowing what you are experiencing. When you truly accept, choose and take Responsibility for you thoughts and your actions, your commitment to them rises and so does your performance. When we are told to, expected to, or assigned a certain responsibility, and do not fully accept it, performance does not rise.

My role, is to be a sounding board, a facilitator, a counselor, an awareness raiser. Coaching is unlocking your potential to maximize your performance. It is helping you to learn, me training you rather than me teaching you.

What follows after you become aware and take responsibility is the sequence of GROW;

  • G – Goals: what do you want?
  • R – Reality: what is happening now?
  • O – Options: what could you do?
  • W – Will: what will you do?

I provide Solution-Focused tools for your personal development, performance as a team member or leader – applying them to your personal and professional aims – using Skype video calls, phone calls, emails, even face to to face meetings, and for your convenience, on-line DailyBitsofChange™ 24/7 (coming February 2018).

For more about me and my services visit LarsBolin.com and CoachLars.com


[The services of other institutions or professionals will be used if appropriate to your outcomes.]