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The importance of social skills is crucial.

Never have social skills been as important. Human Capital is a major success factor in today’s corporate environment.

In the personal face to face meeting, the customer expects world-class treatment. All business, regardless of size and industry, takes place between people. Your social capability, i.e. the ability to understand how your behavior affects the group dynamics and other people’s behavior, as well as the ability to adapt will give you success. Become the best version of yourself and dare to go outside the box. Invest in your and your co-workers’ ability to be present, to listen genuinely, and confirm and convey a clear and professional response based on what the client tells you and ask for.

In today’s digital world that’s huge, and a winning strategy for a successful relationship with your clients.

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Imagine your encounter a problem.

Imagine you are equipped with a flashlight.

Awareness (mindfulness) is a bit like the flashlight. Whatever you direct the beam towards becomes visible in the dark. Oftentime you direct its beam toward the problem you encounter – and all the rest is in darkness.

What’s important is to widen the beam of your flashlight. By doing so, coaching may shed light on new and useful areas of you, facets and details become visible that previously had been in the dark. The focus of your awareness (mindfulness) widens. You are able to perceive other parts of your reality, re-describe how you in the past dealt with a similar situation and thus generate more options.

You have become more Mindful about your actions, observing without being caught up in it, and by not identifying with your actions you have set the stage for re-describing your problem, and focusing in on a solution – you have become aware of your expanded choices, you are now Focused on a Solution.

One very central effect of Coaching, and the Transition Coaching I do, consists of your increased self-confidence in your own ability, and trust, to master a difficult situation. Confidence is a prerequisite for taking small steps for change. The coaching creates a framework in which you, my client, become aware of your competencies and resources and are able to access them – you become aware of the competencies you previously used to master situations that were as difficult as the one at hand, re-describe, re-discover, and if you trust in yourself, you will be able to try something new and different to reach your goals (and a solution to your problem).

This is what Mindful Solution-Focused Coaching is, and that’s my approach in my Transition Coaching service I offer.

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Reacting means to act again, re-act. Reacting is based on what we already know and we do it automatically which is in an emergency is very useful but in a relationship the same automatic reaction may not be in our best interest. If we can be aware of the “mechanism of reaction”, when our buttons are being pushed, and stop the automatic reaction we could be much more evenly balanced, avoid problems and experience a much higher degree of happiness.
An example in a relationship is when we react to the present situation which is SIMILAR to the past ones. For example having had an abusive father, now you think ALL men are abusive. Another example would be if your parents always told you what to do and now you get angry and resistant to ANYONE even asking you to do something. In these situations you often tend to blame others for “making you feel that way” or “making you do certain things”. Being responsible for your actions means that you are able to respond, thus response-able. That’s the alternative. Responsiblity is a matter of free choice; it is an exercise in free will. Responding is not subject to your feelings but it is rather an intentional choice in accordance with your values, ethics, and morals.

So, taking responsibility for anything and everything that happens to you in your life, no matter how unreasonable it may be, will make you more content, powerful, successful and ultimately happier than merely reacting to what happens to you. Take charge – Be responsible.

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