My Friends!

Yes, my blog is about L.ife stress relieving A.wareness and R.esources for your S.uccess [LARS] – Get the support you need

Today though I like to address one specific life changing situation too many of us are facing. Either because we are in the fight ourselves or becasue we have family or friends who are.

Transitions in Life are about CHANGE and change means taking ACTION.

Today I AM asking YOU to take ACTION. Action to FIGHT CANCER.

We ALL know someone who have been affected by cancer and I’m asking you to join me in the fight, and my initiative to this coming late summer/early fall start a local charity in the Beacon, NY area in support of fighting cancer (

The website is right now linked to my blog but as soon as I find a local volunteer to handle my charity (when I move to Beacon this coming July/August)  I will set up a website and start donating proceeds from my transition coaching business (, with the hope my initiative will spark others in the area, businesses as well as individuals, to take up the fight.


In the meantime please consider donating to your local chapter of American Cancer Society, StandUp2Cancer or any other charity in your community or country that support our fight to prevent, cure, and defeat cancer.

God bless!